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Norton is one among the focal standard antivirus that is hugely filtered for guaranteeing contraption also, giving a 1 stop security answer to any or most of the inside and out structure far and wide. The association offers a magnificent abuse of gathering answer that confirmation your work regions, workstations and telephones from the horrendous destructive on-line dangers. With a Norton Antivirus on changed information sorting out framework, one will get their workstation what’s more, may deal with the security in like manner as affirmation of the learning

Antivirus software is very beneficial for your computer as they keep you safe from any threats online But along with all the merits of Antivirus, there is also some problem associated with them. During the installation, users face many difficulties and don’t know how to get the best of the antivirus. We at Wiz Customer Service are there to help them in such situations. We provide a complete Norton Customer Service for your customers.

Norton Customer Service

An antivirus is basically a collection of web safety applications made for Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, iOS. This assures the protection and security of your system, anti-virus programming, firewall, threatening to spam among various organizations.Antivirus comes with manual as well as automatic scanning options. This basically means that the user can either set the antivirus to make a scheduled scan or the user can manually start and finish the scanning process.

Norton is a part of Symantec, which one of the biggest name in antivirus and security programs. Norton is also a big name in the antivirus industry. The reason why Norton antivirus is considered one of the best in the world is that they provide amazing security features which keep your computer safe from any kind of threats.

Norton provides regular updates for the antivirus by studying new threats and making sure that new update keeps the user’s device safe from them. Users often face a problem with updating the software, we at Wiz Customer service help the customer to update the software by guiding them through the process.

Features of Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus will scan and detect it fast. It scans for virus on a regular basis which helps to spot your issues in the least amount of time. Norton antivirus is one of the most trustworthy antivirus apps and an extreme number of people are using it because of its brilliant features. Norton gives updates time to time and scans automatically as well as sense the virus. That is why it’s the most certified app. Wiz customer services assure you to resolve any problems with Norton Antivirus. We will provide Norton Customer Service along with technical support and assistance that you need in solving your difficulties.

  1. Sign In to Norton.
  2. In case you are not set apart in to Norton starting at now, you will be actuated to sign in. Type in your email address and mystery word for Norton, and snap Sign In.
  3. If you don’t have a record, click Create an Account, and a short time later absolute the sign-up system.

Technical Support and assistance through Norton Customer Service

Wiz customer service promises you to solve all your issues and gives you technical support and assistance whether you have issues during any of the followings:-

•    Installation

•     Uninstallation

•    Detection of viruses or other harmful malware

•    We help you with any software threats

•    Internet threats

The maintenance services that we provide will be safe secure and easy and will be available to guarantee the security of your devices and data. Your data is very important, using an antivirus is a way to make sure that your data is always safe from any threats. We at Wiz Customer service make sure that the Norton Antivirus you are using works perfectly.


An antivirus is an amazing software which keeps your computer safe from any threats. But its amazing features also make it a little complex to use for a normal user without any technical knowledge. Our Norton Customer Service executive helps the users to get the best of the antivirus. Our team of helpers is there to guide the user towards the best ways to use the antivirus.

People often avoid updating their antivirus which makes it vulnerable to new threats. Antivirus updates make sure that the computer is safe from even the latest form of virus or any other threats. If the user doesn’t update the software then it can’t serve its purpose. Our executives guide the users through these basic changes to make sure that the software is up and running at its finest.

Set-Up/ Installation

The next basic problem the users face is with setting up the antivirus. The antivirus comes with a key and several other steps need to be followed before the antivirus is up and running. At Wiz Customer Service, we guide the customer through the complete installation process step by step.

Overall Functionality

When the antivirus is set up and installed then the users are confused about how to use it properly. An antivirus has different functionalities and firewalls which can be customized to block certain things. There are different sections in an antivirus software which are for a different purpose. We help the user understand all the function and how to use them properly.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, there are several other issues a user can face while installing a new antivirus. Let’s look at all the common issues faced by users.

In case the user has an antivirus previously installed on their device, that antivirus may stop new antivirus installation. The user faces this problem very often without even realizing. The installation process keeps stopping and the user can’t figure out the reason.

Check for all the basic requirement s to run the antivirus on the system. Users often download an antivirus which is not suitable for their system. It’s very important to know the minimum system requirements necessary before downloading the antivirus. We at Wiz Customer Service provide assistance in such situations.

In the Get Started page, click Download Norton.

If you have a thing key you have not yet enlisted to your record, click Enter another thing key to continue.

Type the thing key and snap >.

  1. Snap Agree and Download.

If you have more than one Norton thing in your record, Choose the thing you have to download and click Next.

Snap Load More if the thing you need to download isn’t clear in the summary.

  1. Complete one of the going with depending upon your program:

For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge program: Click Run.

For Firefox or Safari: On the upper right corner of the program, click the Download decision to see the downloaded archives, and twofold tap the record that you downloaded.

For Chrome: On the base left corner, twofold tap the archive that you downloaded.

  1. In case the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.

Hold fast to the on-screen headings.

  1. Your Norton thing is at present presented and started.
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At Wiz Customer Service, we are best at what we do. All our team members are trained to resolve any problems related to antivirus. Our Norton Customer Service team knowsall the functionality of the antivirus inside& out and they can very quickly understand any problem with Norton antivirus and provide assistance accordingly.

The main problem in the current world is that no one has time. That’s why when you have any problem with an antivirus, you don’t want it to consume your time. We at Wiz Customer Service make sure that we resolve all your antivirus related problem in no time.

We provide telephonic help, you just need to call our toll free number. If any further assistance is required, we will be there to help you resolve it with ease.

At Wiz Customer Service, we provide complete Norton Customer Service which involves